Wednesday, June 25, 2014



 I will be staying on my Tumblr Blog FOR GOOD.  See you there! ♥

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chicken & Beer ♥

Congratulations Nemo for a year & 4 months of savings! Hooray for your time deposit achievement :) It will be a very good start for you since you're now trying to look for a job that fits you. I'm very excited on your next big step to a happy & successful career life. Thank you so much for the treat of Korean exploration of chickens and beers!

I'm very sure everyone knows You Who Came From The Stars, (来自星星的你 – watch online here), After seeing this restaurant in Rizal, that Korean TV series reminded me of Chicken & Beer. It is called Chi-mak (combination of chicken and mek-ju which means beer in Korea). Nemo brought me here by surprise. And it was a very relaxing satur-date night trying to talk about financial planning and a little of our goals in life. Eventually, ended up getting relaxed because of the acoustic music, K-pop MTV playing on their TV screen & lastly, awesome foods and a couch-potato single sofa.
I was very sleepy!

Here's my favorite! Col-pop. A Cola with nuggets on top!

Yangnyum Chicken, Spicy Barbequed Chicken & Kimchi as their best sellers.

Col-pop & Cream Dory for me!

Awesome night it is! Have a blessed journey towards to your future successful career Stay positive and Always believe in yourself I will always be here to support you.
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Padjakan Sa Marikina 2014

Cheers to our very first fun ride experience ♥

We were pro bikers for a day! And the morning fun ride-slash-exercise was extremely unforgettable! I was with Nemo & Awin. Glece also joined together with some of her biker friends. It was a sleepy Sunday yet I felt very productive and energetic that morning. I was starting to love biking fun rides with official routines and bouncers.

We went at SM Marikina at past 5:00 am. Our goal was to be one of those 500 registrants and claim our free shirts. Luckily, not only that we got shirts, but we also received free breakfast - a water, bread & banana, and I won a Calayan Whitening Soap from a raffle draw!

Say hello to Sebastian, oh it's Jarvis! I'm starting to call her Jarvis since I was trying really hard to theme my bike from Marvel's Iron Man. :) I'm still in the process of making it a mix of red & gold. I'm scared that it might not look good at all, but I think, it's going to be worth it :)

Bought helmets! Yey! For our safety :) Red is mine, Blue is for Nemo, & Gold for Awin.

Getting ready...

It was a dream come true! I never thought that in the long run, I'm going to join a fun ride after all that I was only dreaming for a bike. Thanks to my grandfather for inspiring me so much! And thank you so much Nemo for the most wonderful bike ever!

Here are some still photos captured by (c) Dito Sa Masaya
View their album here

Complete still photo of the gang! Me, Nemo, Awin and Glece. Thanks to Dito Sa Masaya for the photo!

We made it to the Finish Line *confetti* It was an awesome experience. I want to do it again for a new map route. May we be able to maintain this energetic & sporty feeling inside our hearts. Sa uulitin!
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bucket List: Wearing The McDonald's Delivery Bag

Tadaaaaah! I'm wearing the Astronaut Bag of the famous McDonald's Delivery Riders!
Something I pulled out from my Bucket List! Oh yeaaah!
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Love On Ice ♥

Ice Skating.

Post Icy-Valentines with some of our awesome couple buddies!♥
Yano, Mean, Awin, Frichelle, Alicia & JM.

 I made something for Nemo, an instagram-inspired real life photo book of our happy thoughts & memories for the past 5 years. It was 1 week in the making and I sleep deprived the night before we skate. 

It was really hard to compile in one photo book all the events we had for the past 5 years, still, he deserves such kind of effort. Kulang pa nga yun sa lahat ng ginawa niya para sa akin. It was nostalgic and awesome! 

Girls and Gays  ♥

Our Skating session was good for unlimited skates within the day. Soooooo... What we did was we skate the morning, went for lunch then skate back in the afternoon. I thought that the morning session will be good enough for us, but I was wrong! As a matter of fact, it was already 9:00 pm (mall closing time) and yet we still want to skate for more! In short, bitin parin ang unlimited skating! But everything was worth-it!

Lunch at Yoshinoya. Nemo & I tried their good-for-two meals, a salad and their ramen.


I'm slipping awaaaay..... Go Nemo!

It was a fun sun-date. First time ko ma-experience yung quad-date ♥ Ang saya pala :) Haha. Thank you sa magka-kapatid na Yano Awin & Alicia at sa GF kong si Mean ♥ Syempre Thank you rin kay Frichelle at JM :)

Thank you so much Nemo! Just like in the Frozen Movie, it was indeed an act of True Love ♥

Thank you for the simple sweets ♥ Thumbs up!
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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve at Tagaytay ♥

Bago natapos ang taon, finally! marunong na ako magluto ng favorite seafood ko! Yey! Thanks Lola! Madali lang pala yung Shrimp with Oyster Sauce, pwede ko na siyang gawing ulam everyday (kasi for sure ayaw ni Mitchell hahaha) buti nalang wala akong allergy. hahaha  chims!  at 11:30:00 PM 0 comments

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Frozen Christmas & New Year Holi-date with Nemo ♥

"Some people are worth melting for" ~Olaf

Thank you so much for the Frozen treats Nemo Lalo na sa Tangerine at dream come true na Sleeping Hello Kitty ♥ Sana nagustuhan mo yung Iron Man Mouse. (Ang tagal mag-OL ni Jahmel) haha 

Thank you sa pagbuhat ng mabigat kong grocery. And nasarapan si daddy sa shabu-shabu ni papa mo.. hehe. Thank you ulit!

I love you always and forever will  Happy month anniv & Merry Christmas to you & to your family! ♥

Thank you Lord for all the blessings! Happy Birthday Jesus  ♥

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

FZSL Christmas Party 2013

Another Blessed FZSL CHRISTMAS PARTY 2013 ♥♥♥
Everyone did a great job! From Christmas Carols, to foods & games, to exchange gift & flashback video-watching marathon until 2:00 AM! Thank you so much guys for everything! 

We earned that cake from our night caroling! Congrats FZSL

Line up:
Jingle bells
Ang pasko ay sumapit

Silent night

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Generation Next 2013; Pump It Up October Fest Year 2

I was trying to imagine, if I can come up with an event similar to those reality shows, such as; Protege & The Voice Of The Philippines. I was thinking, it's going to be too risky and too hard for us to make it possible since it requires a lot of effort and everything a reality show must have.

Until.... taaaaadaaaaaaah!!!!!

I was able to make it happen! It was really hard but it was fun! And It won't be possible without the help of my FZ friends. It's a Year 2 of our very first Pump It Up event - Pump It Up October Fest 2012, with a twist!

It was actually a closed-group event and we invited FZerians to have at least one buddy to become his/her student/apprentice. It's a mentor-student relationship. The mentor will bring out the best in their students in terms of dancing Pump It Up (PIU). 

- Generation Next 2013 Schedule of Activities
- Generation Next Event Proper Rules and Mechanics
- Photo and Video-liking Contest Mechanics
- Scoring Guide

Just like in any PIU Tournaments, the pads should be checked for maintenance to prevent future technical problems.

 Thank you so much Sir Ricky, our friendly-technician for almost 5 years at Sta. Lucia Branch! (You should be promoted Sir!)

Generation Next 2013 is a Three-week duration event wherein all teams are going to make the most of the weeks given to practice and train their students. 

Check out our training for the past three weeks...

First week:


Second Week: 

Third Week:

Here's the complete list of teams:
1. Team Angeline/Khaye
2. Team Jeselle/Miccaely
3. Team Jepii/Chris
4. Team Lester/Daniah
5. Team Lidy/John Paul
6. Team Mitch/Jimmy
7. Team Nel/Rose
8. Team Rafael/Shai
9. Team Zedd/Lem

10. And of course, me as Mentor of my chosen student - Holy :)

The purpose of the event was very successful. We were able to built camaraderie most especially to those new students who weren't familiar to us. I myself, was able to learn new things with Holy and at the same time, I was able to know her better! She's a fast learner, both Pump It Up & academics. I love how she dedicates herself to time management. We barely practice, like 2-3 times in a week, with just at least 2-3 hours of play. Our usual whole day free time is every Sunday. So we usually go to the nearest amusement center wherein we can practice with just the two of us. 

This was us during the event proper. We had mini games such as charades instead of intermission numbers. Mentors were allowed to coach (just like in the boxing arena) to give support to their students. And this, was the BEST ONE I got! It was very difficult for us to learn everything in just a small span of time. But I saw how eager my student, Holy, was. She did a very good job. Even though we lost the battle, it was still, the part where we fought for our team, was unbelievable & very sentimental.

 So here are the winners!

Champion. Team Mitch/Jimmy (53.89 points)
1st Runner-up. Team Rafael/Shai (48.68 points)
2nd Runner-up. Team Nel/Rose (44.49 points)
3rd Runner-up. Team Angeline/Khaye (34.63 points)

Elimination Round:
1. Team Mitch/Jimmy (74.8 points) 
Round 1 Score = 5.82 points 
Round 2 Score = 23.94 points 
Round 3 Score = 33.04 points 
Improvement Score = 9 points 
Photo-liking Contest Score = 3 points 

2. Team Angeline/Khaye (71.2 points) 
Round 1 Score = 41.8 points 
Round 2 Score = 4.02 points 
Round 3 Score = 8.41 points 
Improvement Score = 6 points 
Photo-liking Contest Score = 10 points 

3. Team Rafael/Shai (67.8 points) 
Round 1 Score = 7.8 points 
Round 2 Score = 15.12 points 
Round 3 Score = 28.91 points 
Improvement Score = 10 points 
Photo-liking Contest Score = 8 points 

4. Team Nel/Rose (63.1 points) 
Round 1 Score = 6.15 points 
Round 2 Score = 34.26 points 
Round 3 Score = 12.69 points 
Improvement Score = 7 points 
Photo-liking Contest Score = 1 point 

5. Team Anna/Holy (60.5 points) 
Round 1 Score = 6.01 points 
Round 2 Score = 19.66 points 
Round 3 Score = 21.83 points 
Improvement Score = 8 points 
Photo-liking Contest Score = 5 points 

6. Team Zedd/Lem (58.6 points) 
Round 1 Score = 5.56 points 
Round 2 Score = 18.89 points 
Round 3 Score = 26.16 points 
Improvement Score = 8 points 
Photo-liking Contest Score = 1 point 

7. Team Lidyza/John Paul (52.1 points) 
Round 1 Score = 3.99 points 
Round 2 Score = 17.22 points 
Round 3 Score = 21.92 points 
Improvement Score = 8 points 
Photo-liking Contest Score = 1 point 

8. Team Jepii/Chris (51.9 points) 
Round 1 Score = 27.70 points 
Round 2 Score = 3.9 points 
Round 3 Score = 6.31 points 
Improvement Score = 6 points 
Photo-liking Contest Score = 8 points 

9. Team Lester/Daniah (38.9 points) 
Round 1 Score = 19.15 points 
Round 2 Score = 3.54 points 
Round 3 Score = 9.2 points 
Improvement Score = 6 points 
Photo-liking Contest Score = 1 point 

*Team Jeselle/Micaelly withdrawn from the competition

Final Round:
Champion. Team Mitch/Jimmy (53.89 points)
1st Runner-up. Team Rafael/Shai (48.68 points)
2nd Runner-up. Team Nel/Rose (44.49 points)
3rd Runner-up. Team Angeline/Khaye (34.63 points)

Thank you so much for making Generation Next 2013 possible. Here are HUGE HUGS to:

To all of our sponsors, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Jenny Lou Almasol, for the trophies.
Mary Ann Estanislao, for preparing the Vintage PIU Keychains & Bag Tags.
Alica Fernandez, for additional funds.

And to my hardworking committee, most especially to JC! Thank you so much for all the efforts of making everything organized. Thank you also for the score computations and for updating our social media for updates and photo-liking contests. Thank you so much, Yssa, Mhia, Alica, Carl, Gerald, Maku & Gab! Thank you!

And last but not the least....

Thank you to my FZ Family! It was more than 5 years! Thank you for the love and friendship! 
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