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This Is My December ♩♪♫♬

Last year of December 2012, it has been a jam-packed month full of awesome events and festivities! I wanna call it a hell month but it isn't really a "hell" for me. Awesome invites from different events and attended most of my first times memoirs. I wanted to blog everything of what had happened but It will take a whole lot of my blog to emphasize everything. So what I did, I'll just give you the highlights of my December 2012 ♥

To begin with....

Nemo's Graduation ♥

Congratulations Nemo!!! I know how hard you've been doing for the past 4 years, trying to reach the finish line. And the fruits of your labor - is in your hands right now. I am so very proud of you Nemo. Even though there were a lot of challenges that happened to you way back when you were in your junior years, you still managed to finish whatever you have started. I'm sure your Tita Dory and Tito Raffy are very proud of you too! This is going to be a start of something new ♥

I am also happy, that for the very first time, I had dinner with your family. After 4 years of waiting, at long last - hearing something like "part ka na ng pamilya namin" from your father, is the most unforgettable moment of my life. Thank you for introducing me to your family ♥

Computer Avenue Christmas Party ♥

My office mates together with their families, Computer Avenue had an Eat-All-You-Can lunch Christmas Party at Zensho's Japanese Restaurant. They cook just in front of you! So we don't need to line-up at the buffet table or to race for crabs and shrimps. Isn't it making an ordinary tummy orgasmic?! awesome ideas are awesome!

Pump It Up Fiesta 2 Field Location Test ♥

I was invited by Andamiro's Pump It Up Supporters; Jefferson Magsano, to witness and try, for the very first time, the newest version of Pump It Up - Pump It Up Fiesta 2. Andamiro's representatives, Macnom, brought the Fiesta 2 HDD in the Philippines for its first Field Location Test. This is to market their products to selected amusement parks such as Timezone. So we, as members of the Pump It Up Philippines team, we tried the newest version at it's finest. We had the privilege to make the most of the Fiesta 2 upgrade just so before everyone can play with it when it's out to the market. Luckily, we we're allowed to bring someone with us, so I was with Nemo the whole time! Thanks Jeff & Recca for the invitation. To sum it up, Fiesta 2 is awesome for me!

Here's my final verdict for the Pump It Up Fiesta 2 evaluation sheet.

World Of Fun 25th Anniversary ♥

Cheers to my VERY FIRST TALENT FEE!!! I received cash, World Of Fun gift certificates and a Woffy Plush. I just have to perform my winning piece for their event! Awesome right?!

I never thought that I'm earning for only playing a game. I am telling you - it was an awesome experience for me, since I really love and enjoy what I am doing. Would you believe I received P10,000.00 just for playing Pump It Up? How cool was that?!

Going back..

All the winners of their previous contests and events, were invited to perform all of their winning piece during their winning moment. It serves as a flash back for 25 years of gaming and fun activities at World Of Fun. So there, I was the 1st Runner-Up last 2009's Fun-Pamilya Fest Year 2 for Pump It Up Speed Category, that's why I was invited. Luckily, I was able to file half day from my work. Together with me was Rocky, winner for the Year 1's event for Pump It Up Freestyle Category. Some of our FZ friends went too. And what I loved the most was the part when DJ Rico Panero still recognizes me! He's also the emcee during my winning moment. haha! And still, after 3 years, he still remembers me! Thank you so much Sir Rico

Hello Kitty Meet & Greet @ SM North
Fun Time Fun Challenge @ SM Fairview

The last time I went to the Hello Kitty Village at SM North, I was able to purchase P790.00 for my Hello Kitty Top at Forever21. I also bought a Hello Kitty stuffed-seat and Hello Kitty Gelatin. That's the reason why I was able to have my passes to meet and greet Hello Kitty in person! Minimum of P500 for you to be able to have free passes.

So there, I went back last December 23. Hugged and kissed Hello Kitty the 2nd time around! My first time was last 2009 at SM Megamall. As far as I remember, Hello Kitty came all the way from England. ♥

Right after Hello Kitty, I went straight to SM Fairview to judge a mini Pump It UP Competition. It was World Of Fun's sister company - Fun Time (located inside the Bowling arena at SM Fairview). Mr. Michael Ignacio invited me as one of his judges.

3rd - Joshua Maramba

FZSL Christmas Party ♥

A whole lot more of a Christmas Party with my FZSL friends! Exchange gifts, contributions for the pancit bilao, drinks and ampao prizes, games and kwentuhan bonding experience all at Mean's place. It was another, unforgettable night. We almost went home by 2:00 am. Some of them went to Jepii's house for an overnight while others went home already.  

That night, was really enchanted for me and my friends. All my hard work in organizing this one of a kind get-together party was worth it.

Family Christmas Time ♥

Spent Christmas with my family, and with my brothers as well. Treat them with a Shakey's Grand Slam pizza (for the first time) and went to Eastwood to watch El Presidente Movie. I was also showered with blessings, caught $4 from a random stranger showering blessings from the 2nd floor of the mall. Shouted a HUGE THANKS to him & her (they said they were OFWs) It was a cool experience, raining money around Eastwood. Such a kind heart sharing their Christmas blessings with us!

Me with my boy band family ♥ How I wish Mama was here. Merry Christmas everyone! 

Cheers to my awesome Christmas Nemo Chichi Online Shop's customers! Nemo Chichi Online Shop was still open even on Christmas! Thank you so much for all our December Nemo Chichi customers! I love you guys!

~♥ Anna & Mitch.

Christmas Dinner with Ma'am Imee
Had an Army Navy experience with Ma'am Imee and her husband, Tito Orly. It was our first time together to celebrate a Christmas Dinner. We're planning to have a Yellow Cab experience, a New Year Dinner I guess?! haha.. 

Medina-Diaz Nuptial.
Alpadi Estate, Antipolo.

CONGRATULATIONS Achie Juliet and Tito Ivan! Your love story was very inspiring ♥

Year-End Date with Nemo.
Spent the last day of the year with a Pump It Up exercise in the morning, then Nemo bought a Christmas gift for himself, watched Sisterakas, went to Santolan LRT Station for a meet-up with one of our suppliers for Nemo Chichi Online Shop and a Pizza Bluemoon Dinner together. It was a productive day for us. Thank you Nemo ♥

And lastly....

Minutes before New Year... Prepared something for my family ♥
Pizza Hut and Balot as my simple treat for them :) Happy New Year!!!
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