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Halloween Baguio Escapade ♥

Baguio City, Philippines.

The SUMMER capital of the Philippines! -- for the SECOND TIME AROUND! ♥

It wasn't summer, but it was All Soul's Day (Nov.2). We went to Laguna the day before (Nov.1) to visit my grandfather. It was a very solemn day for me and my Lolo. The cemetery were very crowded, yet I felt like it was me and Lolo alone at Eternal Gardens, Sta. Rosa Laguna. I miss him so much.. :(


We celebrated Halloween with positive vibes! How I really wish that Lolo was with us. We went to a place where Lolo and Lola had their very first honeymoon -- Baguio City!

They say, the trip going to Baguio won't be complete, without stopping your car at the undisputed landmark of Baguio City -- The Lion's Head (that looks like a gorilla to me), along Kennon Road.

Went straight ahead to our hotel for an advance check-in (free of charge! Thanks Hotel Supreme!) of our baggage. Supreme Hotel was also our hotel during our first times at Baguio. Back then, they only have one very old building. And now, we we're checked-in at their new building (in front of the old one). I was like - reminiscing my younger years, wherein Me & my cousin, Mariel, WENT FOR SWIMMING!!! AT BAGUIO!!! hahahaha! We enjoyed it even though our lips went cyanotic! haha :))

This was definitely a dream came true! Something I pulled-up from my bucket-list. haha!

That's my dad and my bunsong kapatid, Rafael. I was really happy that they were able to join us, despite the fact that they were about to back-out :( Good thing, they changed their minds. It was a bit sad because my two other brothers, Roman & Ryan, weren't able to spend time together at Baguio :(

THIS IS AWESOMENESS! haha.. Cool huh?!

So after a few minutes of rest, went straight ahead at Rose Bowl (the "famous" restaurant, as they say) to have our lunch.

Then we went to Mines View Park. It offers a spectacular view of Benguet's gold and copper mines and the surrounding mountains.

Stationary horseback-riding, only for P10.00!

With my brother, Rafael :)

With my rodeo boyfriend, Nemo ♥

Lola is sooooo kawaaaaiiiii in this photo! We're all her grandchildren ♥

Mines view with John Lloyd ♥

Another P10.00 treat! Meet Fiona, one of the famous St. Bernard Dogs in Mines View.

And of course, another P10.00 treat - FOR THE NTH TIME!! The authentic colorful Ifugao costumes!! Check out Lola and Mommy.. So cute ♥

Strawberry Taho!


At The Mansion with my family ♥

It's my third time around to visit The Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes with my family. The second one was me and mommy went here with Aling Nena. It was not a family trip but a wishful and prayerful sacrifice. Still nothing happened. :( This Grotto, really makes me sad :(

Another FIRST! I thought I will never have a chance to bring Nemo at the top of the Grotto.

It's raining!! Thank Lord for the blessings!

After our Grotto escapade, we went back to the hotel to take a rest.

Check out what we bought for ourselves as souvenirs! Mariel's got the strawberry coin purse while the strawberry key chains are for me (red) and Nemo's (violet),

Went at SM Baguio, to have our dinner. We had our supper at Adobo Connection.

This was the very first SM mall that has no air-condition unit. AWESOME! We're at the 3rd floor terrace of the mall, over-looking Baguio at night.

If last time we went swimming, Now, we had ICE CREAMS!! hahaha... Despite the cold weather, Korean Ice Cream are still mainstream! ♥ (The Melona was mine)

It's our second day!! Went straight ahead at Burnham Park. Rented a row boat and explored the most visited man-made lake in Baguio.

Instagram ♥

Nemo and I, in Igorot costumes too!

This time, with the fam ♥

After Burnham, we went strolling at the Session Road (somehow similar to Orchard St. at Singapore).

Then we had our lunch at Army Navy.

It was my first time to eat a burrito! I first heard it from the movie, Battleship. And my first burrito - was worth it!

With my brother, Rafael ♥

NEXT DESTINATION: Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral, Mount Mary, Cathedral Loop, Baguio City.

We went back at SM Baguio to buy pasalubongs. Unfortunately, everyone (most especially Daddy), wants to go to the famous, The Good Shepherd.
The Religious of the Good Shepherd was established in the year 1912 in the Philippines. It was founded by St. Mary Euphrasia whose main mission was directed to the most neglected and marginalized. To concretize the mission, the Mountain Maid training center was established. Supervised by the RGS nuns, the training facility provides livelihood and education to chosen youth in the Mountain province area. They are also responsible for the production of Mountain Maid products. The sister’s strawberry Jam remains to be a favorite since 1953 when people from the convent’s neighborhood exclaimed that “the sisters made the best jam in town!”.

Here's a photo of me and my family, in front of The Mountain Maid Training Center.

Mommy bought Peanut Brittle for daddy's office mates, as well as for our company, Computer Avenue. (for Ate Imee!) Nemo had his Lengua & Peanut Brittle too for his family, while I had Snow Balls for our friends :)
It was an AWESOME Baguio experience!!! Maraming salamat sa biglaang-Baguio moments natin! Mahal na mahal ko kayong pamilya ko.. :) Masaya ako at nakasama ko kahit in a short period of time sina Papa Ronald at Rafael.. Wish you were here Buchik & Buchok :(( 
Of course, thank you super duper mommy & Daddy!! For making everything possible! Biglaan kung biglaan! haha :P 
♫♫ Haaaapppyyyy Birthdaaaaayyyyy Marvin!! ♫♫ 
Thank you too, Nemo Mitchell sa surprise! Buong akala ko talaga hindi ka sasama >.< You caught me off guard! hmpf! Thanks for always making my family happy! :)

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